Saturday, August 23, 2014

I Seriously Almost Died from a Heart Attack today (Okay, not really, but it felt like it...) because video games

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Hey! (This is not for horses)

Oh my goodness! So this blog post, for some reason, took me forever to write! And I had a whole bunch of extra: "PUBLISH THESE IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" posts, but I really don't know what happened today or yesterday or the day before that, but seriously, I guess I was completely out of it? Or maybe the stresses of preparing to go back to college and actually do work has gotten to my brain and shut it off completely? I don't know :o

Anyways, enough with my problems and back to the scheduled blog post ;) :

Boy, let me tell you that when my brothers and I get together to play video games, it becomes a serious event!

Don't believe me? Why don't you check out this attempted play-through that my brothers and I did for my very good friend XHH, or the creator/developer of the most infamous game ever to be played on a computer ever: Boredom.

(Here's the trailer, just in case you didn't want to see my extremely long and unsyncronized, poor failed attempt at being a commentator while one of my brothers actually played the game... And you're welcome XHH for the surprise advertising!)

Continuing on...

I seriously almost died from a heart attack (or something that felt like one) today (actually two days ago), because my youngest brother kept losing the final boss of Sonic Unleashed (for the Wii) and had to keep restarting right at the point where he was almost finished because he couldn't follow simple directions...

(Edited Photos | Original Source 1 | 2)

I don't understand why, I mean my other brother and I were literally yelling the directions that he had go to in order to beat the boss, but I guess he's directionally challenged it's just too much pressure.

Why do video games (and I guess you could include the consoles they're played on) cause sooo many problems?

Not just the obvious ones like when people are mentally influenced by the characters in video games or the health risks that come with them, but when people just up and rage quit!

Does the Rage Guy mean "Fuuuuuu!" Or "F. U."?

Which usually involves: (from what I've witnessed my brothers do when they're stumped on a level or someplace)
  • Yelling random, incoherent phrases at the game screen
  • The inability to hold the controller/portable game in your hands
  • The urge/actual movement to throw (enter game console's name here) at a TV screen/anything that can shatter/anything that moves
  • Uncontrollable sweating
  • Clenched teeth and/or butt cheeks
  • Having strained conversations with the character you're playing as (as if the character can actually listen to you lol)
  • Eyes practically bulging out of your head
  • And looking like an American football referee/Jackie Chan
  • (As an added bonus, if you start bleeding spontaneously for any reason while doing any of these things then you might have Ebola)
    JK... You probably don't have Ebola... maybe hemophilia?
I don't remember where exactly I was going with this post, (which is probably why it's soo late) but I guess I was going to rant about the safety and logic of video games, but I just don't feel like it...

Instead I'll give you list of:

 "Stuff Done in Video Games that Would Definitely be Useful in Real Life"

Double Jumping

Do you know how easy it would've been to actually be able to do the long jump in gym class, if I knew how to do this?

Breaking Jars

You can't get into trouble for this because everyone knows that there's always something special in a jar that's just inconspicuously lying around.

Breaking into people's houses

People actually do this, so I guess they were inspired by video games?

Automatically knowing how to swim

The only reason why this would be useful is because I don't know how to swim.

Yelling stuff at the top of your lungs while running

Because yelling stuff at the top of your lungs while running is normal and attractive.


I think that this would be an excellent idea, because if you were in the middle of a boring class or just didn't feel like doing anything, you could just pause and take a breather before doing what you were doing before. Best idea ever. Then again, maybe not?

Having the ability to fight

There would be less Daphne's in the world.

Bottomless backpack/pockets

You ever wonder how these video game characters could carry so much stuff, and still look the same? If I carried that much stuff in my pockets, I'd probably look like an overweight Canadian Mountie.

Extra lives

If this was put to use in real life, I feel as if it would be like the plot of In Time. Interesting...

The only thing  I could say that could condone this type of behavior would be that desperate times call for desperate measures. Get rich and suffer a concussion or stay structurally sound and broke. Your call.

NOTE: Okay, so since I'll be starting school in 2 days, I'm probably going to posting less frequently *sobbing* But, you'll wait for me right? Don't leave guys, I'll try to post stuff as frequently as possible!


P.P.S: The Extra H in XHH stands for Happy (Don't tell him I told you :o )

P.P.P.S: Oh yeah, and my brother, just in case you were wondering, did beat the game, the day after I wrote this (or yesterday).

P.P.P.P.S: Oh! And just in case you didn't see (or you just blatantly ignored) the first phrase at the top, follow me on bloglovin!

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