Sunday, January 25, 2015

Miss Debbie! Tear down those borders!

So as you might have noticed, (or not depending on how observant you are) I have removed the borders around all the images on this blog! Yaaaaaay!!!


When I first started this blog, I thought that the borders around the pictures were a nice touch and I was surprised that other blogs didn't even have any borders around their pictures. (I thought I was special ) But when I added emoticons and gifs to my blog, the borders around EVERYTHING looked extremely tacky in my opinion...
So, I did what any sensible person would do and looked up what to do to remove the borders from photos on blogger. Of course since nothing about computers makes sense to me and (apparently because I have such a hard time reading and following directions ), I also looked up a video which, even though wasn't in English, served its purpose and helped me figure out how to remove the borders.

TIP: When messing around with your template on blogger make sure that you paste the line of code given in the section for CSS and NOT the section for HTML. (Yeah, anyone could make that mistake right? L-) Guess not...)

I spent a while trying to figure this out, even though I was staring at the picture of what to do/where to go for a good 5 minutes.

After finally figuring out how to follow directions, my blog went from this:

To this:

Awesome right? So now you can still enjoy what this blog has to offer, but with no borders attached! B-) Yeah I just thought of that myself :>

Awww... Don't get bored with my jokes...

Haha see what I did there again? 

Oh! Speaking of tacky... have you seen this music video by Weird Al?

Have an awesome day everyone! 

Side Note: Have you also noticed that I've been using some really cute inline gifs? I found them all at Super Kawaii Emoticon!! Check them out, if you want to add some extra cuteness to your blog! 

Side Note 2: I just wanted to add that the other day, I was just made aware of the fact that Google is more awesome than I had thought originally. So, the other day, the internet at my school decided to be a jerk and not work, even though I had work to do! So as I was disconnecting and about to reconnect my laptop to the internet, two my of friends said that they had discovered a game that you can play on Google Chrome, when not connected to the internets. So I didn't connect to the internet and I refreshed the page I was on and lo and behold... There was that dinosaur logo that you might have come across once or twice before when the internet decides to aggravate you... Nothing special here right?

But press spacebar, while on this window and then voila!

Game time!

Of course this picture does not do this amazing discovery any justice, so here's a gif of me playing the game!

Let me just tell you that there are no magically spawning cacti in the game... It's not that tricky.
So go on and discover this game for yourself! 

WARNING: It's very addicting (well for me at least) (≧◡≦)

 I was told that the dinosaur represents how prehistoric life would be without the internet... pretty deep stuff...
No... INTERNETS??????
UPDATE!!: What I just wrote above is wrong... Apparently no internet connection means that it's sooo ancient that it's practically a dinosaur!

Big gaff on my part... Ooops... Thanks for the correction Amanda + and Amanda -!!!!

This is probably how the internet is going to look like in the future ^_^

P.S: If anyone needs any help with anything having to do with blogging (or otherwise), feel free to contact me! Whether it is through my facebook page or my email address, I'll do my best to help! I'm still a newbie, but at least two heads are better than one, right?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Anacondas in KOREA??

Yeah, I know it's probably common knowledge that Anacondas are not found in Korea...
But have you seen this react video of Korean girls reacting to Nicki Minaj's Anaconda Music Video?

I guess as a general disclaimer I should include this:

The first thing I thought when I found out this video existed, was: "Whoa! They have Korean versions of '_______ react to ________'???"

If you know what I'm talking about then you probably know of The Fine Bros, which is where I usually see anyone reacting to anything.

I guess that shows my ignorance on my part, but still you gotta admit, even if the translations might've been a bit off (or according to this video's reddit page, a lot off) it was still very entertaining to watch.

I think that the responses that the girls give in the video are interesting, given the way that I see Korea as being a very conservative country when it comes to practically everything, especially "pop culture".

In the music videos that I've seen, (female) Korean idols in general don't show nearly as much skin or do nearly as provocative of a dance as Minaj does in Anaconda.

I could even list a few here:
Hyuna, even though I listed her, doesn't really fit into this list, because Red is about as close (in my opinion) as what you are going to get, if you wanted to make a music video that crosses over Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, J-lo, and even (the ever-so-trashy) Miley Cyrus.

At the same time, even though she's all about portraying herself as a (and I quote) "sex kitten," (and plus if you've ever seen her in the subgroup Trouble Maker, then you would totally understand what that's about) I think that it's really funny to see a really skinny Asian girl poppin' and droppin' like she got booty for days. (It's too bad that her booty is "flat and shapeless," unlike some people...)
Someone's got booty for days
That's all I really wanted to say about this topic, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention, because I found this interesting. And also because it's funny to see really innocent-looking Korean girls being portrayed as having dirty sailor mouths. :-))

On a completely related note

I really wanted to include this video as soon as I saw it, so here it is:

Make sure to check out more of BotanicSage's videos on his channel as well, because there are some  pretty awesome mixes and mashups over there!
Also, while researching for this post I happened upon this gem as well, which is also related!

And plus this is the reason why when I mentioned The Fine Bros, I didn't link it to anywhere as to not ruin the surprise lol.


Here the links to the original videos though:

Teens react to Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Elders react to Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Side Note: When it comes to booty, as a girl who has gotten countless compliments from girls and boys alike about my beyonce-esque bottom, I find it offensive when people say: "Nicki Minaj's butt is impossible/not real/too big...etc." I mean, I bet if you were able to walk around in Newark, you'd be finding girls with booties much bigger than Nicki's, let alone Beyonce's or even Iggy Azalea's butt. Well that's the end of my mini-rant. Have a nice day and may the booty be with you.

I found this gif while listening to this song btw...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Who knew that fridges were going to test my state of sanity?

So this week I got a new refrigerator! It's totally awesome because even though it technically takes up less space (height wise), it's much more spacious and it's also rather pretty to look at.

(And I guess after having the same fridge for 14 years, you don't notice how not-white, your supposedly white fridge is :)) )

But what I didn't count on was the learning curve I was going to need with this new fridge.

I mean, I know it doesn't get much more simpler than just putting stuff into the fridge and eventually taking stuff out of the fridge (and I even read through the operating manual), but if you've ever had a fridge that's older than your younger siblings then I guess you'd probably understand...

I've had my old fridge since 2001 and I've grown accustomed to opening that fridge in a number of ways from the left side... Who knew that just switching the side of how the fridge opened would give me such an absolute mindf--k?!

That's all that happened! I now had to start opening the fridge from the opposite side of how I've known how to open a fridge for practically all of my life!

Right after the new fridge was installed (and my mom some how miraculously transferred all of our food from the old fridge to the new fridge), I decided to go and check out the specs of our new fridge.

Do you want to know how many tries it took me to open up the fridge the first time I tried to open it?

Three times!

And the handles on the fridge we sticking out like sore thumbs! (On my old fridge, the handles were built into the door instead of having actual thingies that you actually grab and pull)

"On my old fridge, there were no visible handles..."

And then I tried hammering into my mind that the way to open up the new fridge was the opposite of what I had been used to all this time. But no matter how many times I tried to remind myself, each time I went back to the kitchen I ended up forgetting and attempted to open the fridge from the wrong side, becoming frustrated with the fridge every time. ~x(

What pissed me off even more was that every time this happened, someone else also happened to be in the kitchen with me, as if they knew that I was once again going to fail at opening the fridge. 

At one point, as I kept cursing the fridge out each time I tried to open the fridge from the wrong side, my brother gave me this look that was like:

Then I was all like: :-t

"Well who was the one that just had a mental breakdown because you couldn't figure out how to open fridge... hmm I don't know literally 5 seconds ago??"

Of course I wasn't the only one who had problems with opening the new fridge... My whole family had trouble figuring out and remembering from which side to open our new fridge.

But every time we were able to open it up correctly it felt kind of like this:

"Yaaaaaaaassssssssssss!!! Finally!"

Hopefully by next week, I'll relearn how to open the fridge door. In the mean time, I'll just keep telling myself that such a mundane task is as easy as riding a bicycle... backwards. :-< 

Just hang in there Deb... The fridge is not the enemy...
(Kitty pic | Source)

Side Note: While looking for pictures of fridges on Google, I realized that the majority of them apparently open from the left side (and that's excluding the one that have double doors)... Is it actually weird that my new fridge opens from the right and not just a point of being new-fridge-challenged?

'Cuz if that's the case that's great #:-S

If not then I guess this new fridge is going to make me go insane... 8-|

Update: (2016) ... We got a new new fridge...

Friday, January 9, 2015

Oh look! It's a bird! It's a plane! Nah it's just some girl sitting on her bed surfing the web... It's SuperOtaku!

So as many of you might be wondering:

"Hey Debbie! Have you been doing anything productive ever since you informed us of the beginning of your winter break nearly a month ago (or a year ago if you want to go there...)?"

And my answer to that is:

Duh! Of course, I've been productive!

I've been doing lots of important stuff...

And they're like, sooo important that I can't even tell you!

Ugh... I know I'm a terrible liar.

Okay so truth be told, I've been acting like such a recluse it's not even funny. Okay so it kind of is, but it's not fair to my mobile phone which has been vibrating non-stop ever since I turned it on yesterday (ha ha this sentence sounds kind of funny).

And obviously this does not count that one day when I went to Nintendo World on New Year's Eve...

 (I forced out of bed on that day because my parent's were genuinely concerned about my welfare and they were afraid that if I stayed in bed any longer I was most likely going to make a permanent imprint on my mattress... oh well at least I had fun and I even got to introduce my new bulbasaur and I got a really kick-a** water bottle)

Look! it's Balthazar the Bulbasaur and her friend Elle! :D Aren't they cute?
 It was totally worth it getting out of bed to get them!
Kawaii~ <3

I also got this bottle which will make me look totally cool when I go back to school B-) 

My phone's like: Hey Debbie! Aren't you going to acknowledge these texts that your dad and your 10 other friends sent you over the course of forever?

Me: Nope. I'm busy pretending to be productive...


lol jk phones can't talk... Unless you count Siri, but then again I have an android phone... so that's kind of invalid... Anyway getting off topic...

It's just I've been thinking about a lot of stuff lately and I just wanted to be alone with my thoughts.

A lot of friends, and a whole bunch of strangers lately (weird) usually come up to me and tell me to my face that I'm basically a pretty easy-to-read person, despite also being notoriously known as a rather sheltered person.

So, on that note, I'm just going to have to come to grips with the fact that most likely I am definitely becoming an Otaku-ish person :-B (I already know I was a Weeaboo and going up in the ranks of becoming a Koreaboo).

Wanna know how I know? Here's how:

Everyday since break started, I've basically barricaded myself in my room doing nothing but staying on my computer...


Watching YouTube videos and reading lots of manga for the sake of "research" (in my mind), because I was sort of having writer's block for my blog...

Instead choosing to watch a whole bunch of Anime and other videos everyday without even taking much of a break to get some sleep... (usually staying up until about 5 o'clock in the morning, and then waking up a couple hours later at around 1 o'clock in the afternoon, not really waking up until 4 p.m.)
I've had my mom walk in on me while watching random videos and I would just pay no mind to her because I had so much "research" to get finished...

Example conversation:

Mom: (walks in, and quietly walks over to my bed in the dark) Debbie.

Me: (not noticing my mom, also having my earphones in my ears, I continue to surf on the web. Then I notice my mom and I nearly have a heart attack. This can't be good... Even though it's dark, I can tell she's giving me the look) Moooooomm? Oh hi?

Mom: (not looking particularly happy) Deborah. Haven't we spoken about this before? Why are you not sleeping?

Me: Well, you know... I'm just looking up stuff.

Mom: Can't you wait and just wake up at a more reasonable time?

Me: There aren't enough hours in a day to do that though...

Mom: Why must you be such a disobedient child? Don't blame me if one day you wind up dead. You're gonna have heart problems and headaches, you won't be able to function properly and then you're gonna die.

Me: Um. Okay... I'll go to sleep now (closing the lid of my laptop).

Mom: (turning to leave) And then, if you have children one day they're going to do the exact same thing that you're doing now.

Me: (waiting until my mom was out of earshot) And I'd let them...

Mom: What was that?!

Me: What? Nothing! Good Night Mom! (waiting for my mom to go back to bed and then back to the laptop I went)

Through watching some anime (eventually getting to Love Stage!), I inadvertently discovered Daigo of BREAKERZ \m/ (thanks Eiki Eiki!), and then I kept watching BREAKERZ music videos leading to me to also discover Akihide (who is just the absolute cutest person in the world :3) and then after some fangirling at the Daigo x Akihide "relationship"...

Here's a gif from one of my favorite Breakerz songs Real Love 2010,
 if you don't want to see the extremely steamily smexy music video, well then keep reading lol >-<
Judging by this gif you can probably tell what's going to happen next anyway,
 that is if you didn't already click the link above this gif

(not really, but naturally a girl's imagination has the tendency to wander heh heh :x :"> ) I somehow discovered Yasu and Acid Black Cherry...

Here's the full group of Breakerz: (from left to right) Akihide, Daigo, and Shinpei

Ahh! Look at Daigo's seductive glare with his thumb on his lip!! 

More seductive glares! Look at how cute Akihide is!!!

Even MORE seductive glares?
 Is this a surefire way to make girls just turn into absolute pudding?
You can bet your bottom it is!!  I think this a little much even for me (๑→‿←๑) 
Aww who cares...YASU!!!
*officially turns into a puddle of chocolate pudding*
Which, side note about Yasu, when I first saw him, I was looking at him and I just couldn't figure out whether or not he was really a guy or a girl, because listening to his voice he sounded so much like a girl :o (I don't mean to offend), but then Google cleared up everything... And then I watched this music video and then I was back to square one (I guess Yasu himself also realized that he makes a pretty cute girl and he does sound like one lol...other peeps can agree to disagree)

Then I just stayed up watching several playthroughs by the Game Grumps because they're awesome (go watch them playing Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric! It is a sight to behold that a game could be so entertaining to play that it is currently in the running of attempting to dethrone Sonic '06 in terms of its "awesomeness"?

I'm not one to say bad things about games, because I'm not good enough at videogames themselves in order to be a videogame basher... so I leave that to the professionals, a.k.a: The Game Grumps! So go watch them! It's okay, it won't hurt my feelings if you went and took a break from reading this mess which is currently on your computer screen (okay, just a little, but its totally alright). 

As a side note I wanted to mention that when I first starting watching the Sonic Boom playthrough, I literally just sat in bed watching every single video without getting out of bed to do anything and my (13-year old) brother chastised me because I had spent about 6 hours of doing nothing but watching the videos... yep I definitely have a problem...

DON'T judge meeeee!!!!
Continuing on...

I also attempted to try out (I wonder if I can say Beta version? Is that how you use it? Is it even in beta? Well he's technically still working out the kinks...sooo...) XHH's (remember how I kinda introduced him in a previous post?) new game-making-machine (I'm afraid to say software, I don't know computers lol) BLANKe! (Really it's spelled BlankE though, I was stylizing it for dramatic effect. Like I'm yelling at you out of excitement! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell, I was excited :o )

 I'm sooo proud of him! Because he's like totally the awesomest person ever and he's also a total genius! (He doesn't like to admit this openly though) So, go support him and try out his software and play his games! You've heard of Boredom haven't you? No? Well, then you're a terrible person and shame on you... If yes, then you've officially joined the cool club...Kudos to you ;) Now play more games by him!

I was the one who created this banner especially for the game! 

Click here to go and download Boredom! Don't worry I made this button as well...

^^And I also made this button ^^

Click it! Click it! 

I hope it works :o

But then after failing at trying to figure out how to use BlankE (because I'm code-challenged) I decided to go right back to fangirling BREAKERZ and Acid Black Cherry (I'm thinking of just writing an entire blog post about my fascination with these two J-rock bands... Yeah, I might as well, since I'm currently obsessed with them).
And then finally, when logic decides to whack me in the head, I decide to go to sleep and like I said, I begin the whole cycle all over again! At least until the middle of January ;)

And now I've proven that I'm a true otaku! Not something to be proud of I'm sure, but what other kind of person would willingly decide to just stay home, ignore their socially active, well-meaning friends and watch endless episodes of whatever's in good quality on the net. I'm sure everyone would want to, but I'm actually doing it! Ahhh that college life... I'm so totally like Izumi Sena in that respect... Among other things ;) Like the fact that he was born into the business of show biz...

And that he's super cute!

And we're both kind of secretive with our fangirliness
(I hate girliness in general anyway *super shocker I know...* ,
but the inner fan girl has to come out sometime *sigh* :-< )

Ahhh Let's face it... I never had much of a social life to begin with...

At least I'm better than him at drawing things... heh :>

Would you like to know more about XHH?

Then click over here to learn more about him!

or click over here for his main website

or over here to learn more about the step-by-step development of BlankE

or here to download your very own copy of BlankE

or watch this awesome video showcasing BlankE

or watch the trailer for Boredom

or perhaps would you like to know even more than you would possibly care to know about XHH? Click here!

On a totally related note:

Oh and just in case you wanted to figure out what I was trying to do while attempting to use BlankE: I was attempting to make my own Dot Vortex which is obviously the coolest thing ever! (You'll spend a good chunk of time playing with that) Xavier (which is what the first X stands for in XHH btw) was explaining the math to me and I felt so proud of myself that I actually understood what he was talking about!!

Yay! College is actually good for something!

He gives a similar explanation behind his dotty madness in the tutorial section of his blog (which explains how you could make your own Dot Vortex!) So go make one today! If it doesn't work for you, then blame him! Ha ha :D

Another Side Note:

I know I was alluding to it before... but you should definitely go and watch Love Stage! (or at least read the manga) Unless you just hate yaoi... (which if you don't know stands for Young Attractive Outgoing Individuals) which in that case... it's all cool, but it's still a great show to watch even if you don't watch it. It's unfortunately really short, but what's awesome about it is that Daigo's older sister Eiki Eiki (one of the authors of the manga Love Stage!) made a character which mirrors her brother in the story named Shogo, and he, like her brother, is the vocalist of a rock band called CRUSHERZ.

Obvious resemblance of course!
Annnnd.... In the Anime itself, Shogo is played by no one other than the inspired source himself DAIGO! That in my opinion is just the most mind-blowing thing ever and that's just what makes Daigo and his sister overall awesome people.

Over here is an excerpt from Love Stage! from the mangaka notes on Shogo's character development...I thought it was interesting so I thought I would share >:D<
Click the picture so you can actually read those tiny words!

Oh yeah! I was also going to show a picture of Shinpei, showcasing his awesomeness as well, but then I saw the music video of Beautiful Day and look what he does!

Akihide's all sad and then Shinpei's all like:
"Okay, okay... are you done crying yet? You are? Kay cool... Hey look at me smiling over here!"

Real smooth Shinpei... real smooth...

Aww whatever he's still awesome anyway. :P

Ah he's looking at me!

(If that last gif wasn't working for you then you can either click here to see the gif or just watch the music video of Beautiful Day... It's a rather beautiful song :) )

More Side Notes!

Here are some of my favorite "Game Grumps Animated" clips that have come out of the Game Grumps playing Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric:

"Sonic Boom"

"Sonic Boom Review"

And my all-time favorite: "The Jump Glitch"

(If I wasn't lazy and possessed at least a shred of artistic talent then I guess I could've made my own animations 8-} )

Burning Questions!

Also could someone explain to me why Sonic doesn't go fast, in Sonic Boom of all things?

Or why Knuckles is suddenly smarter than a bale of hay and actually has fingers and looks like he suffers from a steroid addiction?

Remember when Tails was modest about his smarts? Now he just regurgitates intelligence and that's not only disgusting... it's annoying.

And Amy? Well I guess Amy's cool....At least she's athletic and she knows how to triple jump and she has her piko piko hammer :D

 They all wear way to many bandages though...

Oh and also does anyone know whether or not Sonic Boom actually takes place in the future? If yes, then does that mean that something bad happened to Mobius (or wherever they're living) because it looks like they're living in the middle of nowhere and I'm just confused.