Saturday, August 16, 2014

ATMs: More Than Meets the Eye.

Conversation that I had with my brothers in the parking lot of a supermarket: (I'm going to refer to my brothers as Thing 1 and Thing 2 because that's what they are...things. Thing 2 is my youngest brother and Thing 1 is younger than Thing 2)

Thing 2: Hey Debbie, does ATM stand for Access Transformer Machine?

Thing 1: No you idiot, it stands for Access To Money. People need to access their money, not wait for machine to transform. What do you think it is Optimus Prime?

Me: Both very good points, but you're both wrong.

Thing 2: Then... Does it mean Access. Transaction. Money? (He literally put awkward pauses between these words, hence the periods.)

Thing 1: Why?

Thing 2: The people need to access the money, and then a transaction* is made and then the machine spits out the money, right?

Me: True. But that's still not what ATM stands for. It stands for Automatic Teller Machine.

Thing 2: Why?

Me: Because there are bank tellers at the bank and an ATM just happens to be a teller without actually going to the bank.

Thing 2: I like my idea better. It makes more sense.

Thing 1: You never make sense.

Thing 2: You never make even more sense.

Thing 1: Exactly.

*My brother had a very difficult time pronouncing the word transaction, which he learned from our dad. It sounded more like "tran-zack-shun" or "trainz-action" than transaction

Here are some things that I thought that ATM stood for when I was younger:
  • A Ton (of) Money (The of was silent.)
  • A misspelling of the word ATOM (Why was it missing the "O"?)
  • A Time Machine (that you take money out of? Close enough.)

What did you think ATM stood for at some point in your life?

Hey, while we're on the topic of ATM's why don't I also include this gif of the Hulk trying to also figure out what an ATM is.

Was that the spark of time travel? I think so, look he even got his money back!

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