Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What Do You Do When a Genie is Set Free?

What do you do when a genie is set free?
I don't know, rent an RV?
Have a dance party?
Or recite poetry?
Perform the Heimlich after having tea?
Continue to be called crazy?
Stay happy?

What do you do when someone who's been a part of all our lives,
Seemingly since the beginning of time,
Suddenly dies?
Do you cry?
To Neverland, do you fly?
Or would you rather just eat spinach through your pipe?

Do you just run for president,
Make jokes at another's expense,
Or do you just sit down and play a game,
Knowing that nothing will ever be the same?

I didn't want to write a post following the current congestion of voices on social media and elsewhere on the untimely passing of undeniably the funniest man in the world, Robin Williams. But after reading this post by Pete Davison on the topic of depression, I just wanted to contribute by writing a little poem. Hope you like it.

**Hopefully you can identify with all of the film allusions.**

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