Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: In Retrospect - All About that Booty and then some...

Ahhh... The year of 2014.

 One could say that this year was the year of the booty. I'm only doing this because one of my friends suggested that I do an end-of-the-year-post on perhaps the BIGGEST year in the history of the universe. (If by big you mean the sizes of the booties that we've seen thus far)

The list could go on and on about all of the butts that we've seen twerking or sang about throughout the year.

Which would include those of:

Nicki Minaj (lol jk jk... I really meant this)

Jennifer Lopez (Of course can't forget about Iggy Azalea, I mean have you seen her butt? For a white girl she has a lot of insured assets ;) )

Meghan Trainor

Kim Kardashian (who can forget about how she almost broke the internet?? ~ both links might be considered NSFW)

And of course the honorable mentions of:

Jason Derulo

Taylor Swift

"Excuse me, pardon me, sorry getting through... Oh wow, why the moon is very full tonight!"

Today's artists with their coveted assets are kind of like goldfish, because they literally eat where they... well, you get the idea...

But, If you're like me besides, looking forward to the end of the year to watch the end-of-the-year-specials, like Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve (With Ryan Seacrest), you look forward to making your resolutions because we all try so hard to leave all the bad stuff that we did the previous year, in lieu of the new year that's coming (Even if we're probably all going to break our New Year's resolutions a couple of days after we make them). So, at this year's crossroads between 2014 and 2015, what will your New Year's resolutions be?

Mine without a doubt is to remain as happy as I always am, despite the ups and downs that I had encountered this year,

And it's also to get more sleep,

And to finally realize my dream of learning some new languages.

Here are the highlights of my year:

I started a blog!

I made it halfway, halfway through College!

I also got a new mascot!

She's a girl... by the way
And there's also this:

The best gift of all time (and 2014) from the best friend ever
I also hope to empower others in the future through the power of self-expression and ultimately booty-shaking :P (okay so maybe not so much the booty shaking, even if I do possess some assets of my own *wink, wink*)

I also hope to have more highlights next year...

I was going to write an entire post about how this year is undoubtedly going to go down in history (and in infamy) as the year that was ultimately taken over by one of the most weirdly coveted and hated body parts perhaps in the universe. But, if you're like me, then besides the sea of booties, you just want to enjoy the end of this year and welcome the new one like every other year.

So Happy New Year! For Next year and every other year that there is to come!

I'll leave you with some of the most inspiring videos of 2014, but always remember that we all have bright futures behind us.

Here's a look at 2014 on Google

2014 was an incredible year for science and technology

SuperJunior saying "bye bye" to 2014

YouTube's Rewind of 2014

Happy New Year Everybody

P.S: Adding Beyonce to the list of booties would be overkill, because with her every year is the year of the booty

P.P.S: Another Highlight to my year was seeing Carlton do the Carlton! But of course even he is sad to see this year go...

Friday, December 26, 2014

Okay so North Korea is acting like an overgrown child and Cuba is America's new BFF, what else is new?

Note: This was written on December 18, 2014: When the fate of The Interview was in the balance and Cuba just decided to become friends with the U.S. It's not that long ago, but I guess I should clarify since some things have changed since then...

I know, I know... they have soooo much in common! Okay. Not really, besides both being hot topics on the news, but can't say it wasn't wishful thinking right? As I'm sure everyone in the world has seen (but not yet seen or ever will see really) is the issue with the (once) upcoming "popular?" film The Interview, starring (the two most awesomest dudes/besties/bromance ever) Seth Rogen and James Franco.

The movie was supposed to be about, what I could gather as, two hilariously bumbling reporters attempting to follow through on an order received from the CIA to attempt to assassinate the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un (after being invited to North Korea by him in the first place). If you want to double check me on that, check out the Wikipedia page that was already decked out for the movie.

Now, the film is probably never going to be seen because North Korea got offended?

What I want to say is just: Hold Up. I don't understand why this has to be such a big issue! I mean it's not even that serious! (I mean even the assassination scene in this film is not even that serious) The movie is a comedy for goodness sakes!! (And PLUS since when has America ever put the feelings of another country into consideration? We do what we want, when we want BECAUSE we're Americans!) Besides doesn't anyone remember the film that was made that happened to involve the assassination of Saddam Hussein? While he was still alive? At least he didn't seem butthurt by it. But on the other hand, I guess if there was a movie about an assassination attempt on my head then I wouldn't be happy either... But really, HACKERS?

I'm serious when I tell you this is what I thought of when the news was initially talking about the hackers... No lie.

In a place where I didn't even know people had "unlimited" access to computers? (Unless that internet is being used in the same fashion that America had used its internet before it was available to the public? Y'know... by only the military?) I know that Asians are smart and that they could hack into anything, I even watched a video in which there was something on China and its massive "cyber" hold over America (unfortunately I have no idea where I was looking at that).

It was all like: "Hey, one wrong move America and I'm going to hack you up" and America's like: "Yeah, not buying it, but it doesn't hurt to be careful."

"The fact that North Korea saw a threat in a movie made by Seth Rogen and James Franco, really says a lot about the kind of regime that's being dealt with" (As stated by Obama at his estrogen-dominated year-end news conference). Can I really take the North Korean regime seriously?

Well, personally I think they're fooling no one, because as adorable as Kim Jong Un looks right now, I can definitely say with conviction that he's acting even more like a kid than usual. And it's soooo cute, I really can't take him seriously.

I would call it childishness, but others have already gone ahead and claimed that North Korea is (strategically) going crazy.

Of course the fact that he also possesses missiles and other Nuclear weapons, raises his age up quite a bit, but still I guess I would call him a child genius, because even though he's being smart, it's clear that he wants to show everyone that he's totally effed-up and he's just about ready to eff anyone who tells him that to his face.

Not that anyone would tell him that to his face... Hey! look at some more stuff that makes North Korea look crazy.

But WAIT? Isn't Sony... An Asian company? Shouldn't Asians have countermeasures against other Asians? Especially Japan versus North Korea? Shouldn't they of all people know what North Korea is capable of (besides obviously China and South Korea)?!

Let's look at who's in charge shall we?

Okay... So, now I'm confused... But wait didn't this involve Sony Pictures

Ohhhh Great. An American. Well that explains everything. Didn't see that one coming...

Well shame on you Michael Lynton! I'm joking... you really didn't do anything wrong... But, Obama himself said something along the lines of: We cannot let a dictator of someplace start imposing censorship on America, just because he didn't like the movie. We cannot allow the practice of censorship of American self-expression, because then that would not be representative of what America is all about anyway! So in a way (and Obama said this too) Sony Pictures "made a mistake" in taking down the film and in giving in to the fear that North Korea wanted to instill in the hearts of those working for and connected to Sony Pictures at least.

You gotta admit though the stuff that was leaked by the hackers was kind of funny, especially since they allowed me to uncover this spectacularly crazy gem (please read it, if you're not already reading it already... go in with an open mind and you'll come to enjoy this extraordinary piece of work).

But of course now we know that there's nothing to worry about anymore because, (as was evidenced when I went to New York City on Christmas Eve, in big black letters) The Interview is now being released as planned (albeit in select theatres...)! And it's even on YouTube!!

 Can everyone agree with me that this looks free? I'm afraid to click on it because I'm not sure how long it will last and I hope I don't have to pay for it.. Otherwise I'll watch it later. Definitely a good film for the family.
Oh and of course! In other news, Cuba has now become America's new BFF! I believe it's about time that someone went around and ended this ridiculous manly standoff and turn over a new leaf in International friendship. Also I think everyone else thought that America cutting off Cuba because of its irrational fear over communism, was kind of ridiculous too.

And there was also this spectacular show of technological advancement in the protection against Nuclear war!
That was awesome too.

This newly christened relationship between the U.S. and Cuba will no doubt be a riveting chapter in America's history books (along with the Sony Hacking of course). Now, since they're friends, how about ending the embargo as well... hmmm?

"Raul...I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

And besides if this dictator can be friends with the leader of the free world after everything that's happened between them, who's to say that another dictator can't eventually become friends? I mean didn't Dennis Rodman say that all Kim Jong Un wants is a phone call with Obama talking about their shared love for basketball? I think they're gonna look at what is happening now and the near not-so-distant really distant future.

"I just broke your internet... but we're gonna laugh about this later"


Still Curious about North Korea and Cuba? Check out these links:

**How about more stuff starring Seth Rogen and James Franco?

SIDE NOTE: Can I just mention how funny and cute Seth Rogen's laugh is? 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I'm telling you, If I were ever to be the black person in a horror movie, I wouldn't be the one to go first

Note: This post was written at 3:34 this morning, please enjoy my coherent writing. If anything doesn't make sense, it's not my fault, you're just not reading it right. 

Okay so right now I'm up at 3:34 in the morning, because apparently my brother fell asleep watching television forgot to turn off the TV in an attempt to spite my parents because they told him to go to sleep because of forgetfulness.

I also decided to get a glass of water, because it was late night and I was thirsty, but something deterred me from my route to the kitchen.

I heard a sound coming from the kitchen, that eerily reminded me off a what a horror film suspense track should might must sound like since I've never watched them.

It sounds like (note I'm using present tense because I'm in my room and I still hear the sound) a mix between Scuttle's wonderful singing in the Little Mermaid's "Kiss the Girl," and maybe a Skrillex some type of dubstep song... you know that sound right before the beat drops in just about every dubstep song? (I don't think Skrillex could describe what I'm hearing right now).

It comes and goes and it just keeps getting louder a lot like my father's snoring, but then after a few seconds it stops.

And then it comes back again.

And then it stops.

I was in the hallway at the crossroads between my bedroom and the kitchen and the bathroom and the living room and my parents' room, but I just couldn't make out where the sound was coming from.

I decided to first go towards the living room, but I knew the sound wasn't coming from there because as soon as I went there the sound died down.

Then I approached the kitchen, which then the sound grew extremely concentrated and I could feel and hear the suspense building (literally) as I approached the kitchen... Was something wrong with the fridge?

Then I thought about something.

"What if this is like some kind of trap? You know what they always say... The black person always goes first in the horror movies because they're always put in the role of being the investigational type..."

You can always get convincing arguments out of yourself when it's almost 4 in the morning...

So while standing in the crossroads again, I said to myself: "Ahh... Screw this, I'm not about to be that black person... I'm going to bed"

And then as I was turning around to go to my room, I decided to check in my parents' room just to be sure that the sound I was hearing was not in fact the sound of my father snoring... Which? It wasn't. Unfortunately, that meant something or someone else was making that noise.

But I decided not to think about it and I went back to bed. The sound finally went away and then I thought, "oh well I guess I was being a bit paranoid..."

Then after what seemed like a few minutes... the sound came back and it was across from me in my own room! In the direction of my brother's bed...

Did I anger some kind of TV spirit lurking in the television set and now it's mad at me?

Am I going to be visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and/or future?

I thought about these questions and then I turned towards my brother's bed and then I said:

"Oh God... My brother's a terminator?"

But then I guess he responded back to me like I was handicapped (I originally put something else here, but I know how some people are sensitive for these things), by snorting like this was by far the stupidest that he had ever his sleep. (My brother has a knack for detecting stupidity a mile away)

Then I decided that there was nothing to worry about... I mean the sound right now sounds like a cat purring... A really loud cat. Or maybe something vibrating? A vibrating-purring cat that can be heard through nearly all the walls of my house... Okay. See?

Nothing to worry about. I definitely hear these types of sounds all the time... Especially those of vibrating-purring terminator cats, whose main goal in life is to target only black people...

Alright... Time to go to sleep.

P.S: Oh my goodness, I think I just made up the script for a movie called: "Horror on Christmas Morning." You're Welcome.

Now I just gotta focus on surviving tonight.

P.P.S: Regardless Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate.

P.P.P.S: Could someone tell me if this is true anyway? Are "black" people really the first one to go in horror movies? Or should I rephrase this and put "minority"?

P.P.P.P.S: Is "investigational" a word? Blogger says that it isn't, but I'm pretty sure it is...

P.P.P.P.P.S: Don't worry, your regularly scheduled post (or the one I was supposed to post today) will return shortly.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Only Halfway Halfway Finished with college, but a good break is in order... how about some Cards Against Humanity?

Okay guys, so remember when I was talking about how I didn't want school to start? Well now I'm glad that I survived finals--passing them by the skin of my teeth (those final papers almost killed me), my third semester of college is over, and I can't wait to get done with the next one and start the whole process of complaining all over again. :-o But for now, I'm just chilling and enjoying the fact that I won't have to go back to school until the middle of January.
The struggle is over... for now...

Maybe I should be more productive instead of just lying in bed, stuffed under two blankets, playing some long overdue Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, watching endless YouTube videos, listening to Cibo Matto Albums on repeat, catching up on the new season of RWBY  waiting up on the next new season of RWBY (since I finished watching Volume 2 while writing this post lol :-D ) (check out the first season here and trailers) and updating and completing my unintentionally abandoned blog posts.

But hey, if you've been staying up hustling and studying for weeks without sleep just to pass your classes, then you'd probably be chilling now too.

Unfortunately a really bad cold has kept me under the covers and I'm doing everything from filling up on warm fluids, chugging down bottles of cough syrup to popping as many cough drops as possible like a crazed cough drop junkie in order to alleviate my symptoms at least for a while.

It's like my body kept me from getting sick all semester long, (relatively speaking, since I apparently get sick quite often) especially during and in preparation for finals week and then as soon as I sent in my final final project, I started getting chills and all of a sudden it hurt to talk.

Great timing body!

As much as I am grateful that I did not get sick when I had to take any of my exams, how about not getting sick at all so I could actually enjoy this break? I know it's a lot to ask, but why not put my feelings into consideration?

I don't understand why my body never listens to me...

Oh well, at least I was able to have bit of fun and hang out with some of my friends before the symptoms of my cold really worsened.

I got to play this really cool (but really horrible game) called: Cards Against Humanity (If you want to know more, or surprisingly don't know anything about this game then I suggest for you to click on the conveniently aforementioned highlighted link, because I try to keep things as PG as possible over here *wink, wink* Also if you happen to be under the age of 17 then I also suggest for you to either stop reading or make your parents read this to you... No seriously...)

Basically it's a game where questions are asked and the players are each judged based off of how awesomely horrible your answer is (based off of the judge's discretion).

But here are a few examples of what makes this game soooo awesome (depending on which expansion you have as provided by the main site:)

(Source: All cards via

Aren't these cards great? Hopefully I can get myself some money and go out to buy these expansions, but since I'm a broke college kid I play Pretend You're Xyzzy, which is basically the online version of Cards Against Humanity (If you don't think I'm being legit then read this buzzfeed article all about it!) 

It's exactly the same thing as Cards Against Humanity, except it's in the form of an online community and you can make up your own cards or choose ones that have already been pre-made by other awesome people (including a polish translated deck?)! Also you're playing with complete strangers... (at your own discretion because the convos in the chat during live gameplay could become pretty hot and heavy...if you catch my drift, depending on with who you play with). But if that isn't your thing (because of y'know, Stranger Danger?) then you could create a passworded group and share the password with all of your friends (granted that group of friends is made up of 3 to 10 people).

I played the game for the first time yesterday and I gotta say that I'm pretty much impressed with everything. Of course playing online can't substitute the looks of death that the players give the Card Czar when their card isn't picked, but other than that it's exactly the same. Unless of course you're these people, which of course nothing that a little access to skype couldn't fix if you're really dying for human contact.

At least over this break, as I'm currently bedridden and about chest deep in snot-covered tissues, I'll keep playing Pretend You're Xyzzy and everything-else-that-I'm-too-lazy-to-mention-again-but-already-mentioned-in-the-beginning-of-this-post.

But at least I can definitely say for now:

Gone are the days when I needed to remember what textbook to bring to class or if I needed to bring one at all.

Gone are the days when I pulled all-nighters to study, only to realize that inclement weather pushed my exam date to the week after... which was also when I had 3 other tests to study for that week.

Gone are the days when I constantly calculated what the lowest grade I could possibly get on a test was during the exam.

And gone are the days when I would come in to school only to realize that classes had been cancelled, and I still couldn't go home, because of the huge gap between my classes, AND I had nothing to do because all of my other stuff was at home.

At least temporarily...

But in the wise words of my awesome English professor: "The spring semester is a joke!"

So, bring it on Spring Semester of 2015! I can take you and the rest of your semester buddies!

But for now, I wanna chill...

P.S: Hey! If you want to play with me on Pretend You're Xyzzy my username is djbulbaczar, maybe we can play together?

UPDATED SIDE NOTE: Oh and I wanted to leave you with the songs of the day!

1. Scoreboard (a.k.a: where in the world was this song when I was struggling with this semester??): featuring Apollos Hester by Schmoyoho (Original Video here -- This also serves as a sneak preview of a future post to come! Think you can guess?)

2. Caffeine (a.k.a: the college kid drug of champions): (part of RWBY Volume 2 Soundtrack by Jeff and Casey Williams, featuring Lamar Hall and James Landino)

SIDE NOTE 2: Before you go you gotta see the best highlights from RWBY: Volume 2

*Jaune in a dress*

("Jaune in a dress" Sources: - RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 7 | Rooster Teeth)
("RWBY say Wha?" Sources: -RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 8 | Rooster Teeth)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

What?? Hatsune Miku was on David Letterman?!

OMG! Okay so this post was literally almost 2 months in the making... I was going to post this the day after I heard that Miku was going to be on David Letterman, but of course my sense of time completely skewed.... I wanted to write about Vocaloids which are one of my favorite things to talk about to anyone, so I couldn't just abandon this post! So instead of a commentary on Hatsune Miku on The Late Show with David Letterman (which is what this post was going to be originally) I decided to make this a post about how much I love Vocaloids, how they are important in today's pop culture and how people should just stop hatin' and appreciate Japan's gift to the world haha! I realize that at this point I'm never going to post anything when I say I'm going to post them so please bear with me and keep reading whenever I post! I was going to write a blog post about the 2PM GO CRAZY tour that came here to Jersey, but that's past too (November 15th). (You should still watch the Go Crazy music video) Oh well... Anyway here's my post on Vocaloids!! 

Okay, Okay! I know that this was like forever ago (okay so, it was October 8th), but did you see Hatsune Miku on The Late Show with David Letterman??

I was just going to link the video for you guys to click on, but why not just watch the video here?

When I first read about this online, I was beside myself in excitement and overall estaticness!!! HOMAHGLOBOMG!!!!

I love the fact that Miku is finally here for her expo in New York and Los Angeles, (which by now... I know it has passed a loooooooooooooooooong time ago and if I wasn't a broke college student I would've totally gone!) making her official debut in America!! I'm so excited that more people will be exposed to something that I've loved for years, introducing a new genre in music and a new era in what could be holographic musical entertainment. 

Of course if you guys remember my last post on Michael Jackson, you've probably seen that music video which features "him" as a "holographic" performer seemingly raised from the dead. If not, then I've linked the video here.

Going back to Hatsune Miku though, I'm not sure that a lot of people were/are as excited as I am about this wonderful development. And that's unfortunate. In Miku's defense, I don't think that this song, "Sharing the World" really shows what Miku is truly capable of... Plus! Where are the other vocaloids? Yes, if you didn't already know already there are other vocaloids!!

For the sake of simplicity I'm going to say that Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin and Len, and Kaito are the "main" ones... There are still others, but that's where it gets kind of complicated, but that's still the beauty of Vocaloids! They are so diverse in vocal ranges and personalities that you can't help but to fall in love with each one of them, even if they aren't necessarily flesh and blood. 

There's still even MORE!!!! And I love every single one of them!!!!!

I mean people love Mickey Mouse even though he's just a cartoon... you don't see people bashing Mickey Mouse because he "isn't real," so I don't understand when people say that people shouldn't like Hatsune Miku or other vocaloids because they are "artificial."

 I understand that people like different things. We're all human beings, we're all entitled to our opinions, but when your formed opinion is made to hurt others and to make them feel bad about/question their likes then that's going a little bit too far... But I guess that's just my opinion.

I was going to go with this gif, but Miku is way too cultured to deal with your pathetic Haterade
Anyways, going back to my original point, I think that if you were to introduce something that a majority has not yet been exposed to, you should at least try to knock the socks off of these people. If you watched the full video of Miku on David Letterman, you could probably tell that even David was not impressed. And I guess I would've been like that too if that was the first time that I was exposed to a vocaloid... (Hahahahaha! Nope. Definitely not.)

They (as in the people promoting Miku) could've done something like when they first introduced Miku to the states. The "theme song" used at that time ("World is Mine") is one of my favorite songs and it kind of reminds me of when Madonna first came on the scene and said that all she wanted to do was to "rule the world." (I of course was not born when she said this, but hey those are just minor details...Heh heh) 

To tell the truth, when I first heard the song "Sharing the World," I legitimately thought that the words were in Japanese, but then I remembered that Miku has a pretty strong Japanese accent. And that's what makes Miku "human" in a sense because if we were to go over to the realm of K-Pop artists for example, we all know that some people can speak English with better accents than other people and that's not only natural, but also effing adorable

Ahhhhhhhhh! I just want to take Key and Minho and squeezeeeeeee them both.... preferably before they lose consciousness...

Going back to Vocaloids, the same could be said about Miku and the others. Miku happens to have a very thick accent and her accent carries over when she either speaks or sings in English. Other Vocaloids have less of that problem and they sound really great singing in English. That's once again what makes each Vocaloid special and different

Also have you ever seen Hatsune Miku perform? 

Look! There she is performing with Luka!
She is a born performer, so she could've easily brought down the house with her dazzling moves! Of course put on a small stage in New York, I guess there's only so much you could do... Here's one of my favorite performances with Miku performing live!

I already explained that Vocaloids are special and different and diverse, but did you know that Vocaloids sing about a whole variety of topics? Of course they stay in the category of J-Pop music, but they sing about a whole variety of issues that could range from:

Vocaloids are versatile and the people who developed/adapt upon the Vocaloid software are artists in their own right and they along with the Vocaloids themselves deserve to recognized as what will become (and what probably is) the wave of the future.

And so begins the Vocaloid invasion!!
That's all of what I really wanted to say about Vocaloids, but let me at least leave you with my top 10 favorite Vocaloid songs!! (I was going to say 5, but then that changed to top 10... but knowing myself the number of favorite songs would continue to grow exponentially... better to stop at 10 before the number turns into my top 50, y'know what I'm saying?)  

Screw all that, do you know how long it took me to come up with the top 10? I couldn't pick 10 for the life of me, so I decided to turn it into a top 45 list!! (Asking me which is my favorite Vocaloid song is like asking me which is my favorite Michael Jackson song... Don't ask, I'll have a nervous breakdown in my mind) Haha... Yeah I know, I probably need a life instead of losing my hair over what makes it into my favorite songs list... Anyway without further ado:

My Top 10 TOP 45 Favorite Vocaloid Songs!
(In no certain order...)
  1. Love is War (Hatsune Miku)
  2. Purple Butterfly on your Right Shoulder (Kagamine Rin and Len)
  3. Meltdown (Kagamine Rin)
  4. Rolling Girl (Hatsune Miku)
  5. Matryoshka (Hatsune Miku and Gumi)
  6. The Monster without a Name -  Namae No Nai Kaibutsu (Yuzki Yukari) (Watch the original music video by EGOIST!) (Also see the ending of Psycho pass) Can someone tell me how Psycho pass is? I want an honest opinion about this anime so I know whether or not I want to watch it  >_<
  7. See the Lights (IA)
  8. Luka Luka Night Fever (Megurine Luka)
  9. LUVORATORRRRRY! (Gumi and Kagamine Rin) (The title of this song goes back to what I said earlier about the Japanese language)
  10. Ievan Polkka (Hatsune Miku)
  11. World’s End Dance hall (Hatsune Miku and Megurine Luka)
  12. Reboot (Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, and Samune Zimi)
  13. Ai Dee (Luka and Miku)
  14. Girls (IA) (Click here to watch the real-life version of this dance! Could someone tell me where to get the second girl's outfit?)
  15. Wonderful Nippon (Miku, Rin, and Gumi)
  16. Can’t I even dream? (Miku)
  17. Chronophobia (Rin)
  18. Carnival (Gumi)
  19. Viva Happy (Hatsune Miku)
  20. Typewriter (Kasane Teto)
  21. Wave (Gumi IA)?
  22. Lovelessxxx (Kaito, Kagamine Len, Gackpo)
  23. Donut Hole (Gumi... Here's a version that has English subs, if you're picky about that kind of thing...)
  24. Heaven and Hell (Rin and Len)
  25. Love and Joy  (Plus Naruto version because who doesn't love Naruto!! Yeah there's an Attack on Titan version too, but it's just not as awesome :-P )
  26. Gigantic OTN (Plus Naruto Version and if you want to understand what the heck Len's singing about here's the English subbed version)
  27. Bad Apple ( Just watch the "Bad Naruto" Version thanks to the wonderful animation by Nesierax!)
  28. +♂ Plus Boy (Kagamine Len feat. Girls) (Plus ARSMAGNA dance version)
  29. Aria of the Planets (IA)
  30. Eden (IA) (Doesn't it sound like at one point that IA says "fishstick?"
  31. Rin-Chan Nau! (Miku and Luka) (Plus (Free!) Iwatobi Swim club version)
  32. Panda Hero (Gumi! But it has other peeps in there too)
  33. Pomp and Circumstance (Luka, Miku, Rin, IA, and Gumi) Yeah I could've given you the English subbed version, but I like the one that has Gintoki and Hijikata in it.
  34. Sincerity Nature: Drastic Measures of Ignorance (Kagamine Rin and Len)
  35. Superhero (Len)
  36. Party Junkie (Miku)
  37. Party x Party (Miku, Len, Rin, Kaito, Luka, Meiko) (If you've watched this then you'd probably know this series as well!)
  38. One Two Three (Vocaloid Girls) 
  39. Pokerface (IA, Miku, Gumi, Hood Miku) 
  40. Hop! Step! Instant Death! (Miku) (Check out the rest of the "Happiness Series" by UtadaP! I know there's a full video with all the songs, but YouTube isn't cooperating with me lol)
  41. Even as a Female Ninja I want to Love (Miku, Rin)
  42. StarLily Dance Performance Capital  Onibi Series
  43. Here and There (Rin)
  44. Meteor (Miku)
  45. Circus Monster (Luka)
**As a bonus, here's a mystery song!**

And Now It's time for a whole bunch of vocaloid gifs and pics (okay maybe just a few)!

Yay! Vocaloids!!
(I really hope that that is NOT Len who's standing next to Rin with brown hair.... No. Just NO. )
Do you like Vocaloids? Do you want to suggest some new songs and videos to watch to me? Say so in the comments!!

Did you not like any of my songs in my TOP 45 list?

I couldn't care less... I have better things to do with my time than to worry about your opinion >__<

Just in case you needed a refresher on everyone's names...

P.S: Did you know that this is not even the first time that Miku has been introduced into American media? There are even video games chronicling Miku's and her friends adventures in the form of musical rhythm action games! I soooooo wish that I had a PlayStation Anything so I could play these games.... *sigh*

Random Useless Trivia about me: My favorite vocaloids btw are Gumi, Luka, Rin and Len, Miku, and IA!

Side Note 2: On a completely unrelated note...Have you also seen this song?

Side Note 3: Oh! You have to also see this video on how our Elders react to Vocaloids!

Side Note 4: If you noticed that you can see some text while going over some links, it only means one thing. I HAVE FINALLY MASTERED THE INTERNETS!! Nah jk... I just looked up how to put mouseover text in Html, but don't worry maybe one day I'll take over the internet!

I'm djbulbaczar! Imma take over the world one day, bruh!

Side Note 4: May I just mention that Google tried to auto-correct Hatsune Miku as "Sunhat Mike"?? Whaaaat? No Google. Just NO. Stop trying to ruin people's lives with your corrections... Apple's done it countless times... Not you too Google... "Sunhat Mike" conjures up the image of an obese southern white guy who you happen to always see sitting in the exact same seat on the same public bus that he always takes, always sleeping with a sunhat covering his face.
Here's what I imagine "Sunhat Mike" looks like

(Edited Pictures | Original Sources: Fat guy sitting in chair, Hatsune Miku Head, Sunhat)