Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So Here's a "Daily Double Dose of Debbie!!!"

Okay! So I see that since I haven't been tending to my blog for.... a while (a little over a month, *ahem*), my viewership has gone down...
I'm sorry!! I told you didn't I that my college professors specifically have it out for me to fail miserably?!
I know... I don't even have a very good excuse, do I?
Well from now on I'll try to post something at least once a week! Okay?? So in hopes that you guys, my readers, will come back to me, [-O< I introduce to you a "Daily Double Dose of Debbie!!" (Try saying that 10 times fast, haha B-) )

For those of you who happen to be on the outside of my circle of college friends, A "Daily Double Dose of Debbie" is something that one of my friends coined because she couldn't get enough of my irresistible personality (we also happened to be doing a project on the effect that drugs have on the body and somehow the name kind of stuck...).
No matter... I'm still irresistable
So, for the sake of this blog post, let me explain how a "Daily Double Dose of Debbie" is going to work:

First, I'm going to take 2 different things (they could be random or somewhat similar) and then I'm going to take those very different things and make them somehow relatable to each other. Too confusing? 
Well don't worry, let me show you how it's done...

First we take 2 very different things:

Like Scooby-doo and Japan! Can you think of anything to relate them together? No? This is where I come in and enlighten you!
So you know how Scooby-doo says every word with the letter "R" in front of it (that should at least be common knowledge)?

Therefore: Scooby-doo is technically (inversely, I guess) Japanese!

Agree to disagree, but the evidence doesn't lie  ;)) (Deal with it people, this is seriously how my brain works :> )

So, did you like this? Are there other random things that you want me to compare? Then say so in the comments section!!

Once again, I'm sorry for temporarily abandoning my blog and I'll try to post regularly from now on!!

Don't leaaaaave me!!!
P.S: I told my brother about this theory and he immediately agreed with me, so there! My argument is valid!!
Still don't believe me, huh? I'll make you believe... you'll see....
P.P.S: Let me just mention here that it is not my intention to racially profile anyone, so if you are offended, I apologize.

P.P.P.S: As an added bonus check out this awesomely random video that at the same time still relates to my post! (I meant to put this a while ago... but you know with my brain and all, my priorities are literally everywhere...)
What was I doing again?

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