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Okay So NOW We'll All Definitely Die From Ebola... Probably.

I bet a handful of you have already seen my one month old post on how We're All Probably Going to Die from Ebola, and plus I see that a whole bunch of people are searching up on Google:

It is apparent that the second person probably already died, because he couldn't even finish his phrase.
Does Ebola affect grammar too?
Maybe it's just the paranoia in my head that's talking, but now my prior confidence in whoever is responsible for keeping all deadly diseases contained (a.k.a: away from me, specifically) has decreased significantly. Now, I can honestly tell you that I am very much afraid because of the recent development that someone has been diagnosed with Ebola on American soil (unlike the initial two, now four Americans who were rushed here from Africa for better treatment of the virus).

Thomas Eric Duncan's story (that's the name of the guy who was diagnosed with Ebola) is very touching, because he unfortunately caught the virus by being in direct contact with a very sick "19 year-old pregnant woman" who was in dire need of aid, but the fact that he made it here, not knowing that he was in contact with a woman who had Ebola is what sends shivers down my spine (I guess he thought that vomiting was a normal part of being pregnant? Oh and spewing blood everywhere too). Also, the fact that he could have been in contact with over 100 people since he came here a week ago (now the amount contact points has been lessened to about 50 people, but still, they could unwittingly be carrying the virus) scares me a little.

But of course, like I said last time, I bet there is no cause for alarm, because in order for anyone to get the Ebola virus, you'd have to be (like Duncan) and in direct contact with someone who has the virus and exposed to their bodily fluids (like blood, vomit, and other yucky liquids that also happen to come out of our bodies). 
Please don't sue me Vox! I really like this picture so I decided to use it.

So the question is, will we get it? Probably not, because a) we do not live in the same conditions that there are in West Africa and b) the people who have the virus were sent here to America because we are able to provide the best possible care for a disease such as this (or at least I sure hope so). Also c) refer yourself to the above picture. 

The only thing that really pissed me off after hearing that Duncan was diagnosed, was the fact that when I was watching this developing story on the news,  I had heard about the clean up that was going going on after Duncan was taken to be treated at the hospital, which was good. But, the cleaning crews that were outside of his house, weren't wearing any protective clothing!

Who cleans up the vomit of an Ebola patient only wearing a T-shirt and Khakis? And Who is this random woman?? Shouldn't the area be closed off, because.... uh EBOLA????

Never mind the famous faces... This is protective clothing!!!

At this point I don't care that Ebola isn't airborne, (even though there are experts insinuating that it will be) you should be taking the utmost precaution when dealing with diseases that we know little about!! 

The only thing that I should be afraid of in reality is the contraction of the Enterovirus, because not only am I still a "kid" (I should still count, right? I'm 19) and I do occasionally suffer from asthma (children are dying and becoming paralyzed from this thing!!).  Otherwise, even if Ebola is no longer a world away, I'm confident enough to believe the spread of this virus (and fear) will stop. Just don't panic! And everything should be fine.

NOTE: If you want to read more about the current situation on Ebola, here are some sites that I looked at (and cited in my post):

(And on the off chance you wanted to know more about the Enterovirus...)

UPDATE: It is unfortunate to note that Thomas Eric Duncan died from Ebola on October 8th.

UPDATE 10/31/14: I just wanted to say that the other day I saw this video about all you need to know about Ebola in 94 seconds, so if anyone's still scared... then you should definitely watch this video. Hey! Have you seen this really funny article on how apparently Chris Christie has cancelled Halloween because of Ebola? It's not true of course, but I just wanted to share :-D

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