Sunday, March 1, 2015

And that's how Debbie's imagination slowly started to merge with reality....

So the other day when I said that I was looking up pictures of fridges, I also happened to be looking up pictures of people opening pickle jars.

I guess I was somehow going to liken the difficulty of opening my new fridge to the struggle of opening a jar of pickles?
Well it seemed like a good idea at the time anyway...

But anyway, while I was looking for pictures of people struggling with opening pickle jars, I instead found these images under this peculiar title:

Beware the Pickle

I thought that this was strange because not only were there NO pickles in sight, but this person looked to obviously be a girl, and a very pretty one at that. 

Of course that was until I saw the bottom of the post which said:

This basically showcases my reaction when I read this:

"Maybe if I keep poking the computer screen, it'll make my brain less confused..."
"Wait a second... this might not even be true, can't possibly believe everything on the internets..."
I'm joking of course, it isn't all that uncommon that guys could pass off looking like girls, look at these pictures of Heechul from Super Junior cosplaying as Elsa from Frozen for example:

I've even thrown in a picture of Leeteuk to prove my point even further

How do they look so good?

(Source and credit to those named on the above pictures)

Of course a quick Google search (or not so quick because I somehow came around to finding this somewhat related article...) would prove that the identity of this androgynous teen (who probably by now is 19 or 20 years old....hey! Around my age!) is Yiming Zhao and he really is a guy in China who works as a female model!

Here are some pictures of how he looks like, when he's not working as a model:

Looking at these two pictures side-by-side, could you possibly say that these two people are indeed the same person??

Either way, whether he looks like a guy or a girl, it definitely goes without saying that he has really good genes. ;)

Then while looking at these pictures, I had a mini-epiphany!

This exact situation reminded me of one of my favorite manga (which I believe should've been made into an anime ) Charming Junkie!

Could you guess which is NOT the girl in this picture? :P

Because one of the main characters, Umi Kajiwara, is a 14-year-old Japanese male who works in secret as a popular female model.

(Source: 1 | 2)
Doesn't Umi look cute either way?

Zhao's photos also reminded me of Izumi from Love Stage!!, when Izumi was forced to reprise the role of girl in a commercial for the 10th year anniversary of a wedding company.

Izumi then...

Ahhhhh.... Kawaiiiiii~ 

Izumi "Now"

Even more Kawaii~

Even Rei agrees that Izumi couldn't possibly get even cuter than this!!

(Source 1 | 2)
See!! It's basically the same thing! I love how my mind works! heh heh  

Seeing Izumi look soooo cute dressed like a girl also feeds my imagination of how I would like my brothers to one day cosplay in lolitas because they'd obviously look super cute in them and then I'd make them call me Onee-chan and then my day will be made!

Yep! I could totally see my brothers wearing this! XD
Then they'd look sooo cute calling me onee-chan *squee* 
(Edited photo: Original Source


Ahh well, they can't all make their most favorite sister happy... *sigh*
Well at least one of them looks good in loli...

Then while I was getting over the connections that I was making in my head with these guys and their awesome genes, I also happened to see this article about a girl who works as a male model!! (Her name is Yachen Xing)

Yeah....keep trying to convince yourself that this isn't a girl :P
Maybe now perhaps?
Awesome right? At least Zhao and Yachen are using their looks and hopefully making a few bucks on the side. Good for them. At least they can pull off being either a girl or guy whenever they want to.

That reminds me of the time when a girl straight out asked me whether or not I was a boy because of my baggy clothing and my cornrows, while on a roller coaster at an indoor amusement park.

(Edited Photo: Source)

Or the time when I had to dress up like Chris Rock in elementary school for a Black History Month presentation (Do you know how hard it is to act like Chris Rock without saying the N-word?) I came to school dressed up in one of my daddy’s suits and everything. Better than my first choice, I guess…I was originally going to dress up like Michael Jackson, but at the time my school banned everyone from choosing Michael Jackson for the project…. Y’know cuz 2004?

(Original picture by me, except for True Story Meme)

People said that I looked just like Chris Rock (sure I did...), but nobody laughed at my jokes… I guess I didn't have enough N-word?

(Edited Photos - Sources- left to right-: 1 | 2 | 3)

Hey, I guess I look convincing enough to pass off looking like a guy? That's good to know right?

Here are a few more links that I found interesting about androgynous models:

Have you ever heard of Stanyslas Fedyanin or Andrej Pejic

Sorry I can't put the video on here, but here are some photos of him:

When I first showed my female friends Yohio, some of them said that he looked even more feminine that they did.

Also check out his most recent album! Together We Stand Alone! It's an awesome album and even for people who dislike rock music (like I do lol) I bet you'll love the sounds of this album as much as I do!

He was also until recently part of a visual kei band called Seremedy (which unfortunately disbanded in 2013, but you can check out their most recent album Welcome to our Madness)


Did you know?

Yohio has his own Vocaloid called YOHIOloid! (You obviously know how much I love vocaloids of course)

So check out these songs as well:
When I was looking up information on Yohio, I discovered we're the same age! Yay!  But unfortunately I also discovered that he is two months younger than I am....
Wonderful... Now I run the risk of looking like a cougar...

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