Sunday, January 25, 2015

Miss Debbie! Tear down those borders!

So as you might have noticed, (or not depending on how observant you are) I have removed the borders around all the images on this blog! Yaaaaaay!!!


When I first started this blog, I thought that the borders around the pictures were a nice touch and I was surprised that other blogs didn't even have any borders around their pictures. (I thought I was special ) But when I added emoticons and gifs to my blog, the borders around EVERYTHING looked extremely tacky in my opinion...
So, I did what any sensible person would do and looked up what to do to remove the borders from photos on blogger. Of course since nothing about computers makes sense to me and (apparently because I have such a hard time reading and following directions ), I also looked up a video which, even though wasn't in English, served its purpose and helped me figure out how to remove the borders.

TIP: When messing around with your template on blogger make sure that you paste the line of code given in the section for CSS and NOT the section for HTML. (Yeah, anyone could make that mistake right? L-) Guess not...)

I spent a while trying to figure this out, even though I was staring at the picture of what to do/where to go for a good 5 minutes.

After finally figuring out how to follow directions, my blog went from this:

To this:

Awesome right? So now you can still enjoy what this blog has to offer, but with no borders attached! B-) Yeah I just thought of that myself :>

Awww... Don't get bored with my jokes...

Haha see what I did there again? 

Oh! Speaking of tacky... have you seen this music video by Weird Al?

Have an awesome day everyone! 

Side Note: Have you also noticed that I've been using some really cute inline gifs? I found them all at Super Kawaii Emoticon!! Check them out, if you want to add some extra cuteness to your blog! 

Side Note 2: I just wanted to add that the other day, I was just made aware of the fact that Google is more awesome than I had thought originally. So, the other day, the internet at my school decided to be a jerk and not work, even though I had work to do! So as I was disconnecting and about to reconnect my laptop to the internet, two my of friends said that they had discovered a game that you can play on Google Chrome, when not connected to the internets. So I didn't connect to the internet and I refreshed the page I was on and lo and behold... There was that dinosaur logo that you might have come across once or twice before when the internet decides to aggravate you... Nothing special here right?

But press spacebar, while on this window and then voila!

Game time!

Of course this picture does not do this amazing discovery any justice, so here's a gif of me playing the game!

Let me just tell you that there are no magically spawning cacti in the game... It's not that tricky.
So go on and discover this game for yourself! 

WARNING: It's very addicting (well for me at least) (≧◡≦)

 I was told that the dinosaur represents how prehistoric life would be without the internet... pretty deep stuff...
No... INTERNETS??????
UPDATE!!: What I just wrote above is wrong... Apparently no internet connection means that it's sooo ancient that it's practically a dinosaur!

Big gaff on my part... Ooops... Thanks for the correction Amanda + and Amanda -!!!!

This is probably how the internet is going to look like in the future ^_^

P.S: If anyone needs any help with anything having to do with blogging (or otherwise), feel free to contact me! Whether it is through my facebook page or my email address, I'll do my best to help! I'm still a newbie, but at least two heads are better than one, right?

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