Saturday, January 24, 2015

Anacondas in KOREA??

Yeah, I know it's probably common knowledge that Anacondas are not found in Korea...
But have you seen this react video of Korean girls reacting to Nicki Minaj's Anaconda Music Video?

I guess as a general disclaimer I should include this:

The first thing I thought when I found out this video existed, was: "Whoa! They have Korean versions of '_______ react to ________'???"

If you know what I'm talking about then you probably know of The Fine Bros, which is where I usually see anyone reacting to anything.

I guess that shows my ignorance on my part, but still you gotta admit, even if the translations might've been a bit off (or according to this video's reddit page, a lot off) it was still very entertaining to watch.

I think that the responses that the girls give in the video are interesting, given the way that I see Korea as being a very conservative country when it comes to practically everything, especially "pop culture".

In the music videos that I've seen, (female) Korean idols in general don't show nearly as much skin or do nearly as provocative of a dance as Minaj does in Anaconda.

I could even list a few here:
Hyuna, even though I listed her, doesn't really fit into this list, because Red is about as close (in my opinion) as what you are going to get, if you wanted to make a music video that crosses over Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, J-lo, and even (the ever-so-trashy) Miley Cyrus.

At the same time, even though she's all about portraying herself as a (and I quote) "sex kitten," (and plus if you've ever seen her in the subgroup Trouble Maker, then you would totally understand what that's about) I think that it's really funny to see a really skinny Asian girl poppin' and droppin' like she got booty for days. (It's too bad that her booty is "flat and shapeless," unlike some people...)
Someone's got booty for days
That's all I really wanted to say about this topic, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention, because I found this interesting. And also because it's funny to see really innocent-looking Korean girls being portrayed as having dirty sailor mouths. :-))

On a completely related note

I really wanted to include this video as soon as I saw it, so here it is:

Make sure to check out more of BotanicSage's videos on his channel as well, because there are some  pretty awesome mixes and mashups over there!
Also, while researching for this post I happened upon this gem as well, which is also related!

And plus this is the reason why when I mentioned The Fine Bros, I didn't link it to anywhere as to not ruin the surprise lol.


Here the links to the original videos though:

Teens react to Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Elders react to Nicki Minaj - Anaconda

Side Note: When it comes to booty, as a girl who has gotten countless compliments from girls and boys alike about my beyonce-esque bottom, I find it offensive when people say: "Nicki Minaj's butt is impossible/not real/too big...etc." I mean, I bet if you were able to walk around in Newark, you'd be finding girls with booties much bigger than Nicki's, let alone Beyonce's or even Iggy Azalea's butt. Well that's the end of my mini-rant. Have a nice day and may the booty be with you.

I found this gif while listening to this song btw...

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