Saturday, January 10, 2015

Who knew that fridges were going to test my state of sanity?

So this week I got a new refrigerator! It's totally awesome because even though it technically takes up less space (height wise), it's much more spacious and it's also rather pretty to look at.

(And I guess after having the same fridge for 14 years, you don't notice how not-white, your supposedly white fridge is :)) )

But what I didn't count on was the learning curve I was going to need with this new fridge.

I mean, I know it doesn't get much more simpler than just putting stuff into the fridge and eventually taking stuff out of the fridge (and I even read through the operating manual), but if you've ever had a fridge that's older than your younger siblings then I guess you'd probably understand...

I've had my old fridge since 2001 and I've grown accustomed to opening that fridge in a number of ways from the left side... Who knew that just switching the side of how the fridge opened would give me such an absolute mindf--k?!

That's all that happened! I now had to start opening the fridge from the opposite side of how I've known how to open a fridge for practically all of my life!

Right after the new fridge was installed (and my mom some how miraculously transferred all of our food from the old fridge to the new fridge), I decided to go and check out the specs of our new fridge.

Do you want to know how many tries it took me to open up the fridge the first time I tried to open it?

Three times!

And the handles on the fridge we sticking out like sore thumbs! (On my old fridge, the handles were built into the door instead of having actual thingies that you actually grab and pull)

"On my old fridge, there were no visible handles..."

And then I tried hammering into my mind that the way to open up the new fridge was the opposite of what I had been used to all this time. But no matter how many times I tried to remind myself, each time I went back to the kitchen I ended up forgetting and attempted to open the fridge from the wrong side, becoming frustrated with the fridge every time. ~x(

What pissed me off even more was that every time this happened, someone else also happened to be in the kitchen with me, as if they knew that I was once again going to fail at opening the fridge. 

At one point, as I kept cursing the fridge out each time I tried to open the fridge from the wrong side, my brother gave me this look that was like:

Then I was all like: :-t

"Well who was the one that just had a mental breakdown because you couldn't figure out how to open fridge... hmm I don't know literally 5 seconds ago??"

Of course I wasn't the only one who had problems with opening the new fridge... My whole family had trouble figuring out and remembering from which side to open our new fridge.

But every time we were able to open it up correctly it felt kind of like this:

"Yaaaaaaaassssssssssss!!! Finally!"

Hopefully by next week, I'll relearn how to open the fridge door. In the mean time, I'll just keep telling myself that such a mundane task is as easy as riding a bicycle... backwards. :-< 

Just hang in there Deb... The fridge is not the enemy...
(Kitty pic | Source)

Side Note: While looking for pictures of fridges on Google, I realized that the majority of them apparently open from the left side (and that's excluding the one that have double doors)... Is it actually weird that my new fridge opens from the right and not just a point of being new-fridge-challenged?

'Cuz if that's the case that's great #:-S

If not then I guess this new fridge is going to make me go insane... 8-|

Update: (2016) ... We got a new new fridge...

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