Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer is Out to Kill Everyone! As Usual

By now we are all fairly established that we are in midst of Summer. But it hasn't even been 2 weeks since the beginning of Summer!! I know that we should all probably be thankful for this heat, especially after the really cold streak that we had earlier this year. Summer should be a Godsend, but alas it is not.

Every year it is the same thing. It's either too hot or it's too cold and no one ever remembers what exactly they wanted in the first place! It's understandable, unless you're one of those people who don't happen to live on the east coast. Then, I guess it's not understandable for you guys. Boo-hoo. Go and relish in all of your freaky weather patterns and go home. We don't need none of that bad karma over here. Our weather as it is, is like Mother Nature on her period and acting like she's bipolar for 365 days a year (just in case it isn't clear enough, it is safe to say that acting bipolar is synonymous with period symptoms, but I was just emphasizing the fact). This is a serious hormonal imbalance and you can't just blame it on Global Warming/Cooling/Whatever-it's-called-now. Just like normal women can't just blame their symptoms on cramps.

I'm sorry about the mini-biology lesson... I'll stop. I promise.

Anyways, getting back to what I was initially talking about... I happened to go out yesterday morning in my car, with my family, doing some errands. That was at about 10 a.m. When we stopped to go inside a store and came back out, about a half hour later, we noticed that outside has gotten considerably warmer. And so has the car.

I think that is important to note that my car has no air-conditioning.

So, when we get back into the car, everything's practically on fire because we left the car in the sun. We don't even have leather seats, (thank goodness) but we're still dying. Due to the lack of A/C, we roll down all the windows (except for one, because one of my brothers has a fear of bugs getting into the car). So, with 3 out of 4 windows open, we're at least expecting a gentle breeze or a nice rush of cool air? But, like I said before, outside was hot and the inside of the car was even hotter. So what do you expect? Simple math could show you that:

 Hot + Hotter = H. E. Double-Hockey-Stick times infinity!

Also combine that with the fact, that we somehow thought that even though we had no A/C, putting on the fan in an already hot car, that's already bringing in hot air from outside would be cancelled out as cool air because we were blowing hot air into our faces. Very smart move if I do say so myself. It then dawned on me while we were doing our errands, (which at one point we stopped to get some slushies, but that only provided temporary relief) that I should at least find out what the temperature was so that I could justify why I was turning into a human bacon strip.

I looked at my extremely smart phone and it said: (and I quote, okay more like paraphrase) Temperature - 79 degrees, but it really feels like 92 degrees.

Well, why didn't you just say it was 92 degrees! If it feels hot, then it is hot! I mean, I can see how that would work with really, really cold days, because sometimes the temperature was 32 degrees, but due to actual weather factors such as: wind chill or how close you live to a body of water, then the temperature actually felt like below zero. That's understandable. But, if there's nothing that I can see or feel that would prove to me that the temperature is actually below the point at which one could boil water, then you're lying. No one ever likes weather people and now I see why. Besides the fact that it's an "inexact science," it's just plain messed up. To me, that's like a kid being asked to check whether or not the food is ready and if it is hot. Logically a kid would either have two choices: 
  1. The kid could just lift up the lid of the pot and check to see steam rising from the food = food is ready/hot
  2. Or the kid could pretend that the pot has a "fever" and put her hand on it's "forehead" (putting hand against the side of pot while on the stove) = food is hot/but also have 2nd degree burns
Being that kid that went with choice number two, (like a boss) the weather prediction process kind of makes sense. I'm not sure where I wanted to go with this thought, but I think I've made my point.

Anyways, point being, Summer is out to get all of us, just like it does every year. But look at it this way, at least there's about 2-3 months left before it gives up and decides to throw dead leaves at us as retribution.

P.S: I feel very proud of myself for being able to use the words weather and whether, spelled correctly and used in the correct context for the entirety of this post.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

To Use or Not to Use... A Jump Break? That is the question!

First off pardon my poor excuse of a parodied Hamlet quote. (It is soo clichéd that I bet that you all are barfing all over the computer screen over my clichéd-ness...?)

But, onto the subject at hand: Jump Breaks! What are they? What do bloggers or other-website-using-people use this for?

Since I'm a new blogger in town, I really had no idea what jump breaks were and what they were used for either, just like most of you probably. Heh. The first thing that came to mind was someone taking a break after jumping? But, that has nothing to with blogging, so that was a defunct idea... But now I know! Because I'm a genius duh! Because I looked it up, like a responsible human being.

So, if you didn't click on that link that I conveniently placed above this line, because you're too lazy to do it, I'll tell you anyway! 

A Jump Break is a function that can easily be found in Blogger as a "torn-up-piece-of-paper-symbol," and it acts as a way to make your page look a lot neater than it already is. Think of it as "virtual housekeeping" or cleaning your room...only online.
Jump Break Symbol. AKA: a wasted piece of paper

It can take your page from looking like this:

Look at me! I'm an open book!

To this:

Oooh mysterious...

Notice the fact that there is a "Read more" link at the bottom of the second post. Also note that the "Read more" link pops up automatically and is a feature of putting in a jump break in a post.

Should I use this nifty housekeeping tool? Probably. If my actual room is of any indication or a reflection of my blog, then definitely. But why? When I can follow the paths of other blogs before me like Hyperbole and a Half, The Accidental Olympian, Chicken Maker, or The Bloggess. They don't use it! And besides logically speaking, even if a benefit of the jump break is to make my blog more convenient to the reader, wouldn't it be much safer to assume that that the reader is tired of clicking buttons, going to skim the entire blog and move on? Doesn't that defeat the entire purpose of having a blog? Does anyone take into account how many buttons the reader has to click on before ending up on my blog, only to click on even more buttons just to read the content that the reader was thirstily seeking?

That hardly seems fair. So in my case, for the convenience of the reader, I'll just keep my blog the way it is. Because chances are that after a long day doing whatever you guys do out there, you don't want to click an endless barrage of buttons! 

You're welcome.

Oh and now you know how to use a jump break... Yay!

P.S: If you guys really want me to use a jump break, I'd do it. But you know how my laziness is...

P.P.S: I know I'm talking to myself, because I have no followers yet...

P.P.P.S: I'm sad...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Remembering a Legend

I know that it's only been 5 years since the King of Pop's death, (and that the anniversary was two days ago) but still even in the short amount of time that he was alive, he was able to inspire people through his talent, and also bring them together through his music.

What?!?!? I'm a triplet? Cool! Let's boogie.
He had a very tough life, constantly being in the spotlight since he was young. And it seemed as if he never really got used to being in the spotlight, due to his shy personality. But of course, all that would change when he got on stage. His performer persona would take over and he would dazzle the world with whatever nuances that he could come up with.

He was an amazing man, a humble person, and a well-put together person overall. He constantly spread his message of love, and to many, they shared and believed in this belief wholeheartedly. But to others, they took it as a form of weakness and as a way to take advantage of such a great man.

Unfortunately, I haven't been alive long enough to really benefit from Michael Jackson's life and legacy, (I was in eighth grade when he died) but I do know that even though his life has ended, his legacy will continue live on forever in everyone's hearts, whether s/he liked him or not.

Like for example, have you seen this video?

Don't act like you weren't excited about that?!?!
(But he looks like he's stuck in the 80's/90's?)

I'm ecstatic about Michael Jackson's 2nd posthumous album, (I already owned the first one *cough* and all of his other ones...) but is this really what Michael would've wanted? Frankly, in my opinion, I think that Michael would've been happy with whatever choices are done with his music as long as there are people to listen to it. The only thing I guess he wouldn't be happy about, is that he wouldn't be able to actually go through the process of making, editing, and improving the tracks himself. Since he was such a perfectionist.

Look! Even his teeth were perfect!

Personally, I'm a little conflicted when it comes to Michael's "new" songs, because when they get released as an album, the profits usually go toward the artist, or the artist's family, but where else does it go to? I guess that just shows my ignorance, but no one releases albums for "charity," unless it makes the people releasing it money right?

Whatever the case, I'm glad that even though it's been 5 years, he's still "alive" in people's hearts and as long as his music exists, he will continue to be.

I'm alive! But don't worry, cuz you'll never find me! Hahaha!

But on a side note: NO ONE messes with the classics... That'll be all.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today, You Should Start a Blog!

No not you. I mean, unless you want to, then yes by ALL means, YOU should start a blog. But, this is what my mother told me as soon as I started my summer vacation about 6 weeks ago (This kind of sounds like the pilot to OHSHC).Why am I starting now? (Who blogs now anyway, right?) There’s only one word to sum up all excuses that I was going to come up with: Laziness.

It will be the end of me I’m sure, especially because of the career choice that I one day hope to go into. Can one get jobs for being lazy? Could you get a job and then become lazy? Could you be lazy and have a job? I don’t know the answers to these questions because I've never had a job. Unless, you count babysitting while in the 6th grade as a job. I got paid and at the end of it I was the richest person in my entire family (in my opinion, with $75 after one month of babysitting), until I used it all to go eat out with my family at an “all-you-can-eat-Chinese Buffet.” (My daddy bribed me with the fact it was an all-you-can-eat-buffet…)

That was the saddest day in my life. Besides the days that my brothers were born. Just kidding.

What was I going to accomplish by writing this post again? Oh yeah, even though probably no one will ever come to read this, since this is just my first blog post, I wanted to welcome everyone to my new blog: Memoirs of a Scatterbrained Princess. (Should this be italicized? I don’t care! I’m special!)

This is going to become like an online journal of sorts and also a way for me to be able to go back in time in the future and say to myself: “WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU WROTE THIS???????”

I’ll probably regret ever starting this blog, or maybe I might feel “liberated,” like a bunch of iron chains sliding off of my back or like those centaurs after Professor Umbridge gets “taken care of." Or maybe, I’ll just feel like a complete idiot for opening my life to the public, while being chastised, criticized, ostracized, and eventually petrified by everyone. (Yeaaah! Beautiful Mind reference!)

That’s to be expected, I guess, but you can’t learn without getting burned first right?

Hopefully, I make a lot of good friends through this (and hopefully I won’t lose any either?) and hopefully I can do this enough so I can start paying off my student loans, but that’s on the back burner of course.

The main point is for everyone to enjoy my blog and to relish in the fact that no matter what, everyone in reality is a scatterbrained princess!

Trust me when I tell you that this is exactly what I look like in real life...