Saturday, June 28, 2014

To Use or Not to Use... A Jump Break? That is the question!

First off pardon my poor excuse of a parodied Hamlet quote. (It is soo clichéd that I bet that you all are barfing all over the computer screen over my clichéd-ness...?)

But, onto the subject at hand: Jump Breaks! What are they? What do bloggers or other-website-using-people use this for?

Since I'm a new blogger in town, I really had no idea what jump breaks were and what they were used for either, just like most of you probably. Heh. The first thing that came to mind was someone taking a break after jumping? But, that has nothing to with blogging, so that was a defunct idea... But now I know! Because I'm a genius duh! Because I looked it up, like a responsible human being.

So, if you didn't click on that link that I conveniently placed above this line, because you're too lazy to do it, I'll tell you anyway! 

A Jump Break is a function that can easily be found in Blogger as a "torn-up-piece-of-paper-symbol," and it acts as a way to make your page look a lot neater than it already is. Think of it as "virtual housekeeping" or cleaning your room...only online.
Jump Break Symbol. AKA: a wasted piece of paper

It can take your page from looking like this:

Look at me! I'm an open book!

To this:

Oooh mysterious...

Notice the fact that there is a "Read more" link at the bottom of the second post. Also note that the "Read more" link pops up automatically and is a feature of putting in a jump break in a post.

Should I use this nifty housekeeping tool? Probably. If my actual room is of any indication or a reflection of my blog, then definitely. But why? When I can follow the paths of other blogs before me like Hyperbole and a Half, The Accidental Olympian, Chicken Maker, or The Bloggess. They don't use it! And besides logically speaking, even if a benefit of the jump break is to make my blog more convenient to the reader, wouldn't it be much safer to assume that that the reader is tired of clicking buttons, going to skim the entire blog and move on? Doesn't that defeat the entire purpose of having a blog? Does anyone take into account how many buttons the reader has to click on before ending up on my blog, only to click on even more buttons just to read the content that the reader was thirstily seeking?

That hardly seems fair. So in my case, for the convenience of the reader, I'll just keep my blog the way it is. Because chances are that after a long day doing whatever you guys do out there, you don't want to click an endless barrage of buttons! 

You're welcome.

Oh and now you know how to use a jump break... Yay!

P.S: If you guys really want me to use a jump break, I'd do it. But you know how my laziness is...

P.P.S: I know I'm talking to myself, because I have no followers yet...

P.P.P.S: I'm sad...

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