Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today, You Should Start a Blog!

No not you. I mean, unless you want to, then yes by ALL means, YOU should start a blog. But, this is what my mother told me as soon as I started my summer vacation about 6 weeks ago (This kind of sounds like the pilot to OHSHC).Why am I starting now? (Who blogs now anyway, right?) There’s only one word to sum up all excuses that I was going to come up with: Laziness.

It will be the end of me I’m sure, especially because of the career choice that I one day hope to go into. Can one get jobs for being lazy? Could you get a job and then become lazy? Could you be lazy and have a job? I don’t know the answers to these questions because I've never had a job. Unless, you count babysitting while in the 6th grade as a job. I got paid and at the end of it I was the richest person in my entire family (in my opinion, with $75 after one month of babysitting), until I used it all to go eat out with my family at an “all-you-can-eat-Chinese Buffet.” (My daddy bribed me with the fact it was an all-you-can-eat-buffet…)

That was the saddest day in my life. Besides the days that my brothers were born. Just kidding.

What was I going to accomplish by writing this post again? Oh yeah, even though probably no one will ever come to read this, since this is just my first blog post, I wanted to welcome everyone to my new blog: Memoirs of a Scatterbrained Princess. (Should this be italicized? I don’t care! I’m special!)

This is going to become like an online journal of sorts and also a way for me to be able to go back in time in the future and say to myself: “WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE YOU THINKING WHEN YOU WROTE THIS???????”

I’ll probably regret ever starting this blog, or maybe I might feel “liberated,” like a bunch of iron chains sliding off of my back or like those centaurs after Professor Umbridge gets “taken care of." Or maybe, I’ll just feel like a complete idiot for opening my life to the public, while being chastised, criticized, ostracized, and eventually petrified by everyone. (Yeaaah! Beautiful Mind reference!)

That’s to be expected, I guess, but you can’t learn without getting burned first right?

Hopefully, I make a lot of good friends through this (and hopefully I won’t lose any either?) and hopefully I can do this enough so I can start paying off my student loans, but that’s on the back burner of course.

The main point is for everyone to enjoy my blog and to relish in the fact that no matter what, everyone in reality is a scatterbrained princess!

Trust me when I tell you that this is exactly what I look like in real life...

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