Tuesday, August 19, 2014

School's Starting Soon? Not in my mind.

All of my friends are gumming up my Facebook page with sentiments of excitement at going back to their respective campuses or (for the recent graduates from High School) going to their new home for the next 4 years. It's nice and all and I'm genuinely excited for those people since they're excited, but seriously please stop.
I'm not excited.

Look at this post that I snatched off of one of my friend's Facebook pages along with my response:

Who would be excited about leaving the warmth of their bed every morning just to go to a place where you might as well go back to sleep because waking up to listen to a lecture has the same effect as Ambien and Xanax being taken together. That's dangerous, especially after you realize that class is over and you can't even get up properly to move on to your next class without tripping on the overhead projector cord.

(I'm not saying that I know this from experience or anything...)

I'm even getting emails from my school all about how they're anticipating everyone's return to school for a "fun and productive year!" Let me stop you right there "school". You very well know how much you would rather be on vacation instead of teaching a room full of ignorant semi-adults, that's why we have so many of them throughout the school year. Uh-huh... I see what you're doing school... I'm soo onto you...

I've got my eye on you...
Now my mom's adding to the mix too. Constantly reminding me that school, for me, starts next week and that I should've been studying my past notes/paging through my new textbooks for the semester/going to sleep earlier. Even though, yes, these tidbits of advice from my mother are quite practical, let me tell you that nothing is going to keep me from living up my last days of vacation time right up until the end. And by living it up, I mean sitting in front of my laptop and either writing a future blog post, watching a Japanese Anime/ Korean Drama/random movies/random YouTube videos, listening to music, reading my whole pile of library books, or sleeping way over the recommended amount of hours recommended by doctors.

Otherwise, in spite of all of my efforts at attempting to make my summer (feel) longer, I realize that school will start soon, inevitably.

My solution: Right now I'm pretending that we're currently in the month of July. I've got one more month of vacation! In my mind...

And now... a video explaining why school sucks!

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