Monday, August 18, 2014

I did it! I did it! Hooray!

Based off of this title, I bet you're dying to know what I did, right? Well, keep reading! Duh.

If you didn't get to read the end of yesterday's post then I'll get you up to speed.

Yesterday I said that I was going to make a fan page on Facebook for all my "fans"

Oh yeah? Well I have half as many fans as Ryan Higa does! As you can see he only has four... I'll catch up to him in no time!
Annnnd... I did it! Yay! It was way simpler than I thought it was going to be and that is thanks to this article that I read all about how to go about making a fan page for your blog on Facebook. I was going to make a tutorial much like my tutorial about jump breaks, the Debbie way, but then I thought better of it because I was being lazy that would be kind of counter-productive and so on and besides, there's already a whole wealth of information on fan pages on the World Wide Web. So Google it!

Anyway, so after I made my fan page, (which I'm really proud of even though it's empty) I decided to make a like box. (Which if you have your own blog, you can find the link to putting your own like box on your own page here

It took me a while to figure out how to put the box on my blog, because of my limited knowledge of HTML, so I looked at this article and after it finally worked, let's just say I felt kind of like Dora the Explorer (I did it!! Woooooo!!) I've never felt so excited in my life (besides the time that I had gotten to ride in the front of Kingda Ka, but that's a story for another time ;D )

So, now my fan page is all set up and the like box/link to my fan page is going to located safely to the right of my page, unless I decide to change the layout of my blog in the future (who knows?). 

Soooo, all I can say now is just to check out my Facebook page! Because there I'll be posting stuff that doesn't need a whole blog post dedicated to it and it will act as a way to remind you guys (my fans) that I published new content and it will show up automatically on your news feed! Isn't that great??? 'Merica at its best!! (To other countries, who happen to not be America, I just made your lives easier... No need to thank me, but I do appreciate it)
(Note: edited picture. Source)

I did all the work for you so all you have to do is just show up!

Also don't forget that you can also be my follower on the blog itself (privately or publicly... either way I'm gonna know anyway) or just like the fan page or you can do both! 

You have a choice people! 

Make one!

 Or do nothing... that's good too. 

That is also a choice, but it just wouldn't benefit me at all.

 Just keep that in the back of your mind and click! That's all you have to do! Please? Thanks. 

I love my readers and hopefully, you will reveal yourselves to me very soon muhahahahaha! (a.k.a: not my creepy laugh)

Keep reading and keep it classy everyone! Remember how much my brain cells are important to me! (Without them I might die or worse! I'll get kicked out of college!! Nooooo...) So, I need moar brain cells!

NOTE: Also if you have any more ideas that I could do in order to promote my blog or just to make the content more worthwhile, you can message me on my fan page and as soon as I get a follower, I'll open up my email so you can also shoot me some emails at my personal email account (think of this as the unlockable portion of a video game!) or you could just comment on my blog! Please? Don't be shy! I live for comments! Opininions? Constructive criticisms? Straight out bashing? 

(Note: edited image. Source)

NOTE 2: Also if you've notice that I've posting these posts pretty late, I'm sorry. I notice that the more I post these late, the more nobody reads them! So, I'll try to post earlier from now on, but sometimes life just doesn't let you that, but that just means more interesting blog posts! So bear with me please and keep reading!

NOTE 3: I just wanted to add that the placement of my like box forces the reader to scroll down so I can see whether or not people actually read the post and then they like it because of that. Not, just because they just see a like box and then they mindlessly like the box and then they turn into obnoxious monsters making me lose someone who I thought in my heart was a true follower? *sniff* Yep, so there's my logic for my like box placement. Please don't like it just for the sake of liking it, liking my blog means that you are truly interested in my stories and the way that my brain functions! If that's your reasoning too (or close to it, at least) then like away!

 I like people who like my like box

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