Saturday, August 9, 2014

Quote of the Day! (First One)

Welcome to the my first "Quote of the Day" post! (I think it's kind of misleading because I'm probably not going to post a quote daily, but just something that I found on some given day... Really complicated shizz, I know and I'm sorry!!!)

These quotes are going to be stuff that see or hear from anywhere! T.V., the Internet, radio, books, I don't know I guess billboards too?

So, anyway, without further ado here's the first quote:

-La Toya Jackson
From Life with La Toya - Season 2 Episode 10

(I linked the full episode with the quote, but if you just want to watch the summarized version, because you feel as if you have a life besides spending all your time on your computer, then watch this.)

I first must give La Toya props for creating a quote that not only rhymes, but also creates controversy. Let me just say though, that the caterer's reaction right after is just priceless!! I mean does she just hate foods that are white? Like salad with "white" cheese? Or is she just saying that salad itself is a food that only "white" people eat? Because if you watch the rest of the episode she refuses to eat just about everything at the dinner party. I guess she might as well stick to eating some fried chicken, because that's definitely not "white" food (unless you consider the white meat). 

This could be taken many ways, which is the reason why it is the Quote of the Day.

What's your take? Do you want to suggest to me a future quote of the day? (Sure! That would make my life a whole lot easier.)

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