Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Only Halfway Halfway Finished with college, but a good break is in order... how about some Cards Against Humanity?

Okay guys, so remember when I was talking about how I didn't want school to start? Well now I'm glad that I survived finals--passing them by the skin of my teeth (those final papers almost killed me), my third semester of college is over, and I can't wait to get done with the next one and start the whole process of complaining all over again. :-o But for now, I'm just chilling and enjoying the fact that I won't have to go back to school until the middle of January.
The struggle is over... for now...

Maybe I should be more productive instead of just lying in bed, stuffed under two blankets, playing some long overdue Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days, watching endless YouTube videos, listening to Cibo Matto Albums on repeat, catching up on the new season of RWBY  waiting up on the next new season of RWBY (since I finished watching Volume 2 while writing this post lol :-D ) (check out the first season here and trailers) and updating and completing my unintentionally abandoned blog posts.

But hey, if you've been staying up hustling and studying for weeks without sleep just to pass your classes, then you'd probably be chilling now too.

Unfortunately a really bad cold has kept me under the covers and I'm doing everything from filling up on warm fluids, chugging down bottles of cough syrup to popping as many cough drops as possible like a crazed cough drop junkie in order to alleviate my symptoms at least for a while.

It's like my body kept me from getting sick all semester long, (relatively speaking, since I apparently get sick quite often) especially during and in preparation for finals week and then as soon as I sent in my final final project, I started getting chills and all of a sudden it hurt to talk.

Great timing body!

As much as I am grateful that I did not get sick when I had to take any of my exams, how about not getting sick at all so I could actually enjoy this break? I know it's a lot to ask, but why not put my feelings into consideration?

I don't understand why my body never listens to me...

Oh well, at least I was able to have bit of fun and hang out with some of my friends before the symptoms of my cold really worsened.

I got to play this really cool (but really horrible game) called: Cards Against Humanity (If you want to know more, or surprisingly don't know anything about this game then I suggest for you to click on the conveniently aforementioned highlighted link, because I try to keep things as PG as possible over here *wink, wink* Also if you happen to be under the age of 17 then I also suggest for you to either stop reading or make your parents read this to you... No seriously...)

Basically it's a game where questions are asked and the players are each judged based off of how awesomely horrible your answer is (based off of the judge's discretion).

But here are a few examples of what makes this game soooo awesome (depending on which expansion you have as provided by the main site:)

(Source: All cards via cardsagainsthumanity.com)

Aren't these cards great? Hopefully I can get myself some money and go out to buy these expansions, but since I'm a broke college kid I play Pretend You're Xyzzy, which is basically the online version of Cards Against Humanity (If you don't think I'm being legit then read this buzzfeed article all about it!) 

It's exactly the same thing as Cards Against Humanity, except it's in the form of an online community and you can make up your own cards or choose ones that have already been pre-made by other awesome people (including a polish translated deck?)! Also you're playing with complete strangers... (at your own discretion because the convos in the chat during live gameplay could become pretty hot and heavy...if you catch my drift, depending on with who you play with). But if that isn't your thing (because of y'know, Stranger Danger?) then you could create a passworded group and share the password with all of your friends (granted that group of friends is made up of 3 to 10 people).

I played the game for the first time yesterday and I gotta say that I'm pretty much impressed with everything. Of course playing online can't substitute the looks of death that the players give the Card Czar when their card isn't picked, but other than that it's exactly the same. Unless of course you're these people, which of course nothing that a little access to skype couldn't fix if you're really dying for human contact.

At least over this break, as I'm currently bedridden and about chest deep in snot-covered tissues, I'll keep playing Pretend You're Xyzzy and everything-else-that-I'm-too-lazy-to-mention-again-but-already-mentioned-in-the-beginning-of-this-post.

But at least I can definitely say for now:

Gone are the days when I needed to remember what textbook to bring to class or if I needed to bring one at all.

Gone are the days when I pulled all-nighters to study, only to realize that inclement weather pushed my exam date to the week after... which was also when I had 3 other tests to study for that week.

Gone are the days when I constantly calculated what the lowest grade I could possibly get on a test was during the exam.

And gone are the days when I would come in to school only to realize that classes had been cancelled, and I still couldn't go home, because of the huge gap between my classes, AND I had nothing to do because all of my other stuff was at home.

At least temporarily...

But in the wise words of my awesome English professor: "The spring semester is a joke!"

So, bring it on Spring Semester of 2015! I can take you and the rest of your semester buddies!

But for now, I wanna chill...

P.S: Hey! If you want to play with me on Pretend You're Xyzzy my username is djbulbaczar, maybe we can play together?

UPDATED SIDE NOTE: Oh and I wanted to leave you with the songs of the day!

1. Scoreboard (a.k.a: where in the world was this song when I was struggling with this semester??): featuring Apollos Hester by Schmoyoho (Original Video here -- This also serves as a sneak preview of a future post to come! Think you can guess?)

2. Caffeine (a.k.a: the college kid drug of champions): (part of RWBY Volume 2 Soundtrack by Jeff and Casey Williams, featuring Lamar Hall and James Landino)

SIDE NOTE 2: Before you go you gotta see the best highlights from RWBY: Volume 2

*Jaune in a dress*

("Jaune in a dress" Sources: Youtube.com - RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 7 | Rooster Teeth)
("RWBY say Wha?" Sources: Youtube.com -RWBY Volume 2: Chapter 8 | Rooster Teeth)

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